Best Protein Powder Meeting Your all Requirements

There are many protein supplements available in market now a day. Seeing lot of products available one would be in great confusion of selecting the one from all. There is an answer to this question, one can select protein supplement according to his/her body requirement. Having known your body requirement one can choose from the various available protein health supplement. No matter whether, you are a body builder or not. Everyone has more or less idea that protein is very much essential if one is trying to gain weight.

There are some people who think that if they will eat more protein then their muscles will build faster, but it is not true at all. While it’s certainly true that you do require protein to pack on the muscle mass, more does not essentially mean better.

Once you’ve reached your daily requirement, your body will just expel that which it doesn’t require or utilize it for energy. Consumption of protein totally depends on your body structure and body need. If you happen to weight 250-300 pound already then there nothing ‘magical’ about consuming 300+ grams of protein daily.

There are many for whom 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight is the ideal amount to satisfy their bodybuilding requirement. If you are taking excess of calories, which is needed for muscle building, then you won’t have to worry about losing muscle, which is typically seen on a diet.


We had heard that some protein supplements are better than other. So what’s the story behind their success? 

One can get the maximum out of any supplement only when it is taken in a right way, right amount and right time of the day. Here’s a simple reference guide for you.

Before and After Workouts 

Before and after workout is the ideal time to take protein supplement. Your body requires the protein to get to the muscle tissue cells as swiftly as possible so it can utilize those to restore the damage and build more muscle. For this reason, a protein powder supplement is going to be your best selection as it is most speedily absorbed.

Taking this step further, one can go with a concentrate as these are exclusively designed for this reason.

During The Day 

Next your body have protein requirement during whole of the day staring from early morning till the time you sleep. This is where you need to focus on entire food sources of protein as they will take longer to digest and thus supplying your muscles with a constant supply of amino acids.

Everyone is aiming for a constant and steady muscle growth and having the protein supplement in right time and amount according to body requirement produces great results. Many a time it may happen that you may skip your meal, and then at time having the protein supplement is a good choice. One can’t imagine the adverse effects if your body protein requirement are not met. So if this is the only left option, go for it. There are several proteins rich food stuff available such as chicken, fish, meat, eggs and other protein rich diet.

Right before Bed 

Giving your body a good dose of protein just before you go to bed is good move. It would give muscles to have something to feed them during the overnight fast. The best protein here comes as a good mix of both casein and whey protein. You can find  Protein powder supplement, which contains a precise mixture of whey and casein proteins to help you circumvent catabolic pitfalls.

It provides greater nitrogen retention, greater satiating ability, and greater leaning potential and has greater lean muscle impact than what whey or casein alone has. Combining that with some healthy fats and you can be certain that you will endorse muscle growth over night.

So, if you are having confusing thoughts into where your protein comes from, you ought to pay a little more attention to it in order to know it in a better way. The selection of protein supplement should be made taking into account your body requirements and your actual need.

Benefits Of Consuming Whey Protein 

The human body needs a large number of nutritive elements that have their own functions. These nutritive elements are necessary for the better growth of the body. Whey protein is an extremely useful food concentrate that performs multiple tasks in the body. It is known for the best element for the better growth of the brain in the children. At the same time, it builds muscles in the grownups. This is a type of amino acid, which is available as a powdered by-product. The process is extremely sophisticated and it is mainly taken care in the laboratories. Whey protein is a rich source of Branched Chain Amino Acids and it is quite useful for children, sporting people, and body builders.

Advantages of consuming whey proteins: 

Provider of fast energy: This natural whey protein powder is usually consumed as a food supplement that liberates energy at a faster rate. This is quite good for the sports personnel alongwith the body builders. This is very essential at the time of heavier workouts as the body needs more energy at that point of time.

Muscle and cell repair: This is another very good advantage of the whey protein. A large number of cells and muscles get damaged during various activities on an everyday basis and they require immediate repair as well. This whey protein isolate powder works with greater amount of accuracy to repair the damaged cells and muscles. This repair is fast and quick and that is why the people do not face the after effects of these damages.

Manages weight: Apart from these advantages, the whey protein concentrate also manages the weight of the body quite effectively. The people suffering from excessive weight or obesity can get very good results by consuming this food concentrate through a larger period. Most of the dieticians recommend regular consumption of this protein to everyone who suffers from weight related diseases. The body can maintain a certain weight if people consume this stuff regularly. However, the need of workouts and exercises remains important as usual.

Brain development: This advantage is especially meant for the little kids who undergo a process of brain development through a certain period of their life. Most of the health drinks available in the market at the moment have a rich source of this protein concentrate in them. Most of the frontline health drinks have a good quantity of whey proteins in them. Actually, these health drinks are rated for their quality on the basis of availability of this protein concentrate. Quite understandably, the price of these health drinks is higher than the ordinary health drinks for the children.

This food concentrate is becoming a part of food habits of the people who wish to consume better quality of food for them as well as for their young ones. These products are making a fast appearance in the international market these days. There is no doubt that this protein is playing a very good role in maintaining the health for everyone.


Best Whey Protein Supplement – Protein Supplements For Body Builders

Whey protein is one among the best used protein supplements by body builders. It is a composition of globular proteins concentrated from whey, a major by-product of cheese production. Studies say that, intake of whey protein helps in reducing the risks of heart diseases and cancer. This mixture of amino acids increases the level of serotonin in body there by enhancing neurotransmission. Magical medicinal power of whey protein in attaining a healthy and toned body is really remarkable. Regular usage of whey protein supplements, made form dairy products helps in boosting your muscle power. Now, let’s see the details of some of the best used whey protein supplements.

100% Whey is a best known whey protein supplement commonly used by weight lifters and body builders. It is one of the expensive and purest forms of whey protein suggested for muscle growth. 100% whey protein is widely available in market in the form of powder supplements. Today, whey protein supplement also comes in vivid flavors like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate which makes the product tasty. It is suggested as one of the best health supplement for enhancing your health. If you are searching for a remedial measure for reducing your body weight, 100% whey protein supplement is recommended as a fine solution. Whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate and L-glutamine are some of the key ingredients added for the production of 100% whey protein supplement.

Designer protein is one among the best recommended whey protein supplements for your body health and fitness. Like 100% whey protein powder, this powder too comes in versatile flavours like chocolate and vanilla. It is a top dietary supplement for increasing the muscle strength. L-phenylalanine, L-leucine and L-taurine are some of the major ingredients included for the production of designer protein. Low calorie value in designer protein helps in reducing the body weight of the person. Increasing the metabolism rate, rapid recovery from exercises and boosting the energy levels are some of the noticeable benefits of using designer whey protein supplement. For sweetening the product, it is also added with stevia leaves and luo han guo fruit with low calories.

Nitro-tech, enriched with protein sources is a best suggested whey protein supplement. It is a composition of protein peptides, amino acids and creatine monohydrate. Protein added from dairy products in nitro-tech helps in strengthening the growth of muscles. Maltodextrin, a complex carbohydrate made from corn spikes the insulin level of your body and control the blood sugar level. Presence of ingredients like oligo and poly peptides in nitro-tech helps in repairing the damaged muscle tissues of body. Enhancing the metabolic function is one of the key benefits of using nitro-tech as the dietary supplement. Inclusion of nitroxen in nitro-tech promotes the formation of nitric oxide which further improves blood flow to working muscles. Nitro-tech whey protein supplement is also flavoured by adding ingredients like cocoa powder and soy lecithin. Methoxy-pro whey protein supplement and EAS whey proetein whey supplement are other best examples of commonly used whey protein supplements for improving body fitness.

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